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Love Will Save the Day - Video Trailer Launch

Love Will Save the Day is a moving and inspirational power ballad about loss and the power of love. The trailer for the official video is available as of 2/14/24.

The full song is available on all streaming platforms. 

Check out "Love Will Save the Day" on Spotify.

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The Secret

"The Secret," a song about the struggle to resist temptation, is out now! Check out the video featuring XtinaM and co-creator Nancy Curtiss performing ballet to the song in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

"The vocals pack such a compelling attitude here, channelling some of the big hitters of the genre like Patti Smith and Courtney Love" -- Various Small Flames

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On XtinaM’s debut album, If Your Name is Music, she tells a story of finding one’s way and new beginnings.


The goth-tinged, irreverent album opener, The Secret starts the journey through a dangerous and mysterious forest. Road Lover and Travelin’ Boy explore kiss-and-tell adventures on the road as the quest unfolds. The heady power-pop ballad, Love Will Save the Day, and the upbeat pop-punk ditty See Me Now close out the album with a message of rebirth, freedom, positivity and optimism for the future. Nods to glam rock, alt-country, folk and punk are threaded throughout the diverse range of material, all of which is performed by XtinaM on acoustic guitar, electric bass, harmonica, percussion, and foot stomp.


XtinaM has been compared to Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Linda Perry, Courtney Love, Fiona Apple, KT Tunstall, Alanis Morrisette and David Bowie.

XtinaM has performed solo at numerous clubs and markets including Winter's Tavern, the Boomerang Lounge, the Crane Cove Market, Inner Sunset Flea Market and Golden Gate Park.

XtinaM is the moniker for original and solo projects by multi-instrumentalist Christina Michelle. Christina Michelle has performed extensively in the Bay Area as well as Nashville, Las Vegas and the UK as a vocalist and bass player in acts such as Rolling Stones tribute, Chick Jagger, Southern Rock Tribute the Fog City Swampers, All-Girl Kinks tribute The Minks and original garage rockers, The Seagulls. For more information, visit

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